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Umbraco CMS Solutions

Umbraco CMS solutions for Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey

When the requirements fit, Delphic Digital will frequently use Umbraco as the underlying Content Management System (CMS). Umbraco is a Microsoft .NET based content management system actively developed since 2000, but released as open source in 2004. Today it is among the top fifteen most popular open source .NET applications with more than 110,000 installed and active websites running Umbraco under the hood.

Umbraco has all of the features you would expect in a mid-tier content management system including:

  • Routine content management functionality
  • Friendly user interface with integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • Custom content types like news, events and blogs
  • Robust internal search via Lucene
  • Permissions, simple workflow and audit trails
  • Fully supports web standards based design
  • Robust online community support, including access to source code